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Giving access of electric mobility solutions to millions of individuals at the bottom of the pyramid, Ampere by Greaves specializes in last mile, affordable mobility solutions. These stylish Ampere electric scooters have low TCO and provide emission-free transportation.

  • No Insurance Road Tax
  • Zero Emission Safe Speed Limit
  • Low maintenance 15 Paise Per Kilometer *

The world is going electric What are you waiting for?

When you drive an EV, you help clean the air and increase your energy independence. EVs go a long way in encouraging sustainable mobility.

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Happy customers 50,000+ happy customers


Service centers Service centers across India


Kilo litres 25,000+ Kilo litres of petrol saved


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About Product

  • 01 Why GRAND MOSS?

    A recent research stated that there is a sudden spike in climate change compared to last decade. It is because of rise in harmful fuels. These fuels act as a great threat to environment. But thanks to technology. We have the solution for this problem. The usage of electrical vehicle can reduce the global warming by 25%. Our Grand moss is one of the places which concern more about environment and mother earth. We take pride to be a part of an important cause for the betterment of our mother earth.

  • Let we elaborate about the beautiful story of " GRAND MOSS". We lived our small part of life in US. As a proud Indian we returned back with many dreams. Our first concern is about the pollution. Mother nature is a gift. The happiness of touching the mother earth with barefoot and enjoying the fresh air in an early morning is pure bliss. It is our time to be grateful to mother earth. This led to an introduction of affordable electric bikes. All we have to do is to submit our thanks to mother nature by switching to electric bikes. This will be a fresh start to adore the blessing of our nature. In this polluted world, it is scary to predict the future of our beautiful planet. We have to do something as a part of an ecosystem. You can choose our electric bikes for transportation. It will help to reduce the global warming. Not only our electric bikes are economic friendly but also financial friendly. You don't have to worry about fuel prices. It is a great initiative to boost the energy of our earth. All lies in the hand of our customers. Choose our eco-friendly electric bikes to give your contribution. Heart-warming thanks for your support.

  • 1) Any gender belongs to above 14 age can use our bike. It is very easy to operate in busy traffic.Completely free from road tax and license. It adds some weightage to your pocket without unnecessary spending. We have AMPERE V48, REO, ELITE, MAGNUS and ZEAL as our electric bike models.

    2) GRAND MOSS bikes are recharged by Rechargeable Battery. The base motor is Brushless Direct Current Motor (BLDC). No fuel with low maintenance because of few removable parts. we offer the warranty in following way for battery: 1 to 3 years and for motor: 1 to 3 years

    3) Specifications of our GRAND MOSS electric bikes are Anti-Theft alarm, Motor lock system.

    4) In order to create the beautiful future for upcoming generations, it is time to take a shift to our electric bikes. We are there to provide our heart for our customers. It is our foremost duty to prevent the global warming and choose eco-friendly vehicles for transportation. Let begin the wonderful journey in an eco-friendly electric bike.